We offer solvent based, water borne and hot melt adhesive coating technologies using acrylic, rubber and silicone and heat activated adhesive systems to create products designed to meet specific requirements for almost any application. We also offer our products in many configurations. Please contact us if you have a special converting requirement.

Log rolls are available 59 1/2″ wide by up to 2100′ depending on product thickness. Logs can be supplied on 1″, 3″ or 6″ cores.

Slit rolls are available in a wide variety of widths from 3/16″ to 61 1/2″ and lengths up to 864′ depending on product width and thickness. Although our most common lengths are 72, 36 and 18 yards, we can accommodate much longer lengths to meet individual needs.

Continuous spools allow increased productivity through fewer changeovers while reducing material scrap. Available in custom widths from 3/16″ to 1″ and lengths up to 5500′ depending on tape width and thickness.

Sheets are available in various sizes. Sheeted material is ideal for applications that require lamination to a substrate prior to cutting to size.

Custom Coating: If you require a special product construction, we offer custom coating services to meet your precise specifications. We also have the ability to coat many substrates including customer’s own material.

Quality Policy: We are committed to a strict quality assurance policy. From raw material inspection through each production and converting operation, our products are tested and certified to meet stringent quality requirements. Our manufacturing process is ISO 9001 Registered and many of our products are U.L. recognized and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) compliant.

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