Film Tapes

Double-Coated Tapes
Our family of double coated tapes includes those that meet higher temperature and adhesion requirements for optimum performance in a many applications. Configurations are made from acrylic, silicone, or rubber-based adhesive.

Custom Coated Film Tapes
Made for specialized precise applications.

Extended Liner Tapes
This family of extended liner products is available in a variety of adhesive combinations, such as permanent, removable (High/Low) and carriers, including PET and tissue. Available in standard rolls, long length rolls and spools.

Heat Activated Dry Films
We have been selected by the Dow Chemical Company as its authorized, small quantity distributor for the INTEGRAL adhesive films product line. These hot melt adhesives are supplied in clean, dry, non-tacky film form and are activated by a combination of heat and pressure. The adhesive films are used to adhere various materials together and to create a durable polymeric coating onto a continuous web, functioning as both a processing aid as well as an end-product component.

High Temperature/Selective Masking Film Tapes
In powder coating, automotive and other finishing operations, effective masking materials are often one of the most vital components involved in producing a high quality finished part. These tapes can also enhance operating efficiency and cost savings by reducing rejects and labor on rework due to undercutting, adhesive residue, and tape shrinkage. We offer a line of masking tapes, both self-wound and furnished on a liner for die cut applications, to meet the demanding requirements of the finishing industry.

Plating Tapes
We have engineered a line of plating tapes and fume masks with varying levels of adhesion and temperature resistance to meet a wide range of needs in etching and plating applications. All of these tapes offer good conformability for fine line definition, excellent chemical resistance and clean tape removal with no adhesive residue.

Polyimide Film Tape
For those applications where temperature requirements exceed the range of polyester film. Provided in a variety of configurations; linered double coated for laminating and self wound. Application uses include masking, electrical and thermal insulation, wire and cable wrapping.

Splicing Tapes
We offer a diversified line of splicing tapes to meet just about any need in industrial splicing. Our splicing tapes are designed for splicing silicone release coated paper and film in elevated temperatures or in conditions where high initial tack is required, for photo processing, in label or pressure sensitive coating applications that require a functional splice and for flying splice/overlap splicing applications.