Transfer Adhesives Products

Acrylic Transfer Tapes
For bonding applications that require permanent adhesion over broad temperature range and superior long-term aging characteristics.

Custom Coated Transfer Adhesives
Made specialized for precise applications.

Extended Liner Transfer Tapes
This family of extended liner products are available with permenant or removable (High/Low) adhesive applications. Available in standard rolls, long length rolls and spools.

Rubber Based Adhesive Transfer Tapes
For bonding applications that require fast curing permanent adhesion over a non-extreme temperature range. Provides superior long-term adhesion characteristics in applications where UV and extreme outside temperatures are not an issue.

Silicone Transfer Adhesives
Specifically designed for high temperature laminating applications in the electronics industry. The PolySil™ Group of unsupported silicone transfer adhesives is now widely used in aerospace, medical and automotive applications. This adhesive system has been often selected for use in custom configurations where performance is critical.